60W Cottage Solar Power Kit

60W Cottage Solar Power Kit
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Product Overview
1. The 60W cottage solar power kit is manufactured to suit remote and backup power requirements. It can be used for RVs and boats, in addition to cottage.
2. The solar power generator kit that turns natural sunlight into electricity, and charges 12V deep cycle batteries.
3. It includes solar panels (60W@17.50V), frame assembly for mounting, system controller with DC output, and accessory wire set.
4. DC to AC power inverter (optional) can be connected to provide AC output.
5. The solar power kit can be used to power light, small TV, electric fan, laptop, stereo, and more.
6. It requires no running cost, and all you need is free clean sunlight.
7. The adoption of amorphous technology allows the cottage solar power kit to continue to work even in cloudy weather condition.

As a professional 60W cottage solar power kit manufacturer based in China, we provide a great variety of products such as 7A and 30A solar charge regulator, solar shed light, 1.5W solar trickle charger, solar lantern, and portable solar power kit.

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